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This is Youth Club's splendid offerring for the Hewelsfield Church Flower Show.

The dress was constructed from tissue flowers made by EVERY member of Youth Club, and the cut-out of the ballerina was made by Tony Beddis, Paula's dad. At the front are red carnations.

The Flower Festival runs in Hewelsfield Church from Friday the 6th July until Sunday the 8th, 11am to 5pm. We hope you will be able to go along.




In May, the Wye River Festival came to Tintern Abbey, and on Wednesday 23rd, Youth Club walked along the river footpath to the Abbey from the Mackenzie Hall, carrying lanterns.

But why do some YC members appear to be taking photos of the sky?

Click here to find out and see all the photos of the day




A huge thanks to those brilliant waitresses and waiters and entertainers who were at the Brockweir Christmas lunch.

The Britain's Got Talent sketch was hilarious and had the whole audience laughing.

Well done everyone!

For more photos click here




20th September 2017

Youth Club played host in September to David Priddis, of the Gloucestershire Bats Brockweir Group. David is one of the UK’s foremost experts on our native bats.

After a fascinating illustrated talk in the Mackenzie Hall, which was very much enjoyed by the 24 members of youth club and the 9 adults who were there, David handed out bat echo location detectors, and we ventured out into the dusk.

Bats emit high pitched squeaks to locate in the dark the flying insects which are their prey, a sound which is too high for us to hear but which is converted by the bat locator into a sound audible to humans. Straight away we were able to see bats wheeling above us, and by pointing the detectors at them we were able to hear their echo location sounds as they fed on flying insects, mostly moths.

Youth Club would very much like to thank Mike Topp of the Parish Grasslands Project for setting up the evening and supporting us on the night.




3rd May 2017

Thanks to Tim The Farmer we were able to visit Humble by Nature, pet the piglets, see a new-born calf, feed the goats - and play on the zip wire.

Thanks to Meg and Paula for some lovely photos which can be see here...




Well done Brockweir Youth Club for staging an hilarious (sorry, very moving) version of the Shakespeare tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. As well as entertaining the large audience, it also helped to raise over £570 for Prostate Cancer UK. The acting was suberb - not a dry eye in the house!

More photos can be seen here...





Well done Brockweir Youth Club for a lovely contribution to the Village's advent windows




On Sunday 17th July



A full gallery of photos can be seen here



And we have now finished the collage for Hewelsfield Flower Festival





It will be on display in Hewelsfield Church on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd July.




Pond Survey



We went pond hunting in Ron Peacey's pond


See more photos and some of the creatures we found here


On Wednesday 20th April, as part of the River Festival for 2016, the pond survey was led by Mike Topp and Sarah Sawyer who helped us conduct a survey of the pond, part of a national survey to find out the state of the nation's ponds and lakes. See the Opal Explore Nature website for further details.





Youth Club perform in BADS panto!



Youth club members dancing to Meghan Trainor's Better when I'm dancin' in the BADS panto Wind Up The Wye.


For more photos click here



Youth club members also performed The Invisible Bench sketch which was so well received at the Senior Citizens Christmas lunch (above)




Making Chocolate Mushrooms


Photos thanks to Rosie




See all the photos here



Let me entertain you!


Youth club members received loud applause and cheers on Saturday 5th December as they entertained the diners at the Mackenzie Hall Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner.


Well done everyone!




See all the photos here



The Great Brockweir Bake-Off!


Rosie Worral organised a great cake making evening at Youth Club recently. And she took all the photos! Thank you Rosie.




More photos can be seen here



Youth Club camps out for the Refugees




On Friday night 18th September, some of youth club pitched their tents in a sponsored camp-out to help raise awareness of their plight and money for the Syrian Refugees.


All together, Youth Club members raised £308!!!!


Thousands of refugees are fleeing from Syria to Europe to get away from the indiscriminate bombing and gassing of the people by the president of Syria, President Assad, and the Islamic State fighters.


See more photos here




Youth Club celebrated the end of the summer term by hiring the climbing wall at Beechenhurst and having a barbecue


Thanks to Rosie Worral for the great photos.








Youth Club goes all Bear Grylls!

It's been den making time at Youth Club - could you survive in the wilderness?



Click HERE to see all the den making photos




Well done to all who took part in the BADS Panto matinee on March 7th

Here are some pics from the dress rehearsal on Thursday



Animation Workshop



Three youth club members creating their own stop-frame

animation at a recent Youth Club meeting.



Bloomin' marvellous!


Two youth club members with their lovely exhibit made during a flower arranging evening led by Marion Harrison

Photos by Rosie Worral (great photos Rosie!)

For more photos of the evening click here



What a brilliant day!



Youth club turned out to be the stars of the Wye Festival in Brockweir on the 17th May


For all the photos of the day, click here

Youth Club stars shine at volunteers' thank you celebration





Thanks too to those who helped to host the occasion by taking round plates of food, etc.


What a lovely Village occasion it was - much appreciated by many of the older people there.



Thank you everyone for being such brilliant waiters and entertainers at the old folk's dinner!



...very well done to Brockweir Youth Club member Rosie Redwood for her starring role in UK Youth's Christmas card competition. Her winning design is shown below.



Rosie was shortlisted in the Strutt & Parker Christmas card Competition and her design has been produced on hundreds of Christmas cards which UK Youth is distributing to a network of their supporters, members and friends.

Rosie also receives a £25 book voucher.


Hooray for the waiters and entertainers

at the old folks dinner


Click here for a full slideshow

We have been told it was" the best ever!"

Well done and thank you

Huge thanks

to all who helped on our Craft Fair stall.


Special thanks go to Junior Rosie, Senior Rosie, Dan and Ursey.

And to Julie for the cupcakes and raffled Christmas cake.


We made a profit of £71.00 - hooray!

Youth Club went to see The Lion King

at Bristol Hippodrome
on Saturday 22nd September




Midsummer Madness


Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!


DVDs of the performance are available from Barbara on Youth Club night.


Well done to the cast and helpers who put on this great production of Unhand Me Squire.


Thanks too to those who ran the stalls and provided goods to raise money.


Thanks also to all the parents, family and villagers who turned up and made it such a successfull afternoon.


We raised the magnificent sum of just over £200.

£100 will be donated to the Access ramp fund for Mackenzie Hall, and the rest to Youth Club funds.



New Project starting after the play.

Photography of our local area - best photos to be used for a local exhibition.




A party of 21 of us went swimming at Cardiff International Pool



A great afternoon was had by all.



The BAT WALK evening was brilliant!

Bat Talk and Walk

by Becky Rush and Brockweir Youth Club members


On Friday 15th of July the members of Brockweir Youth Club and the Parish Grasslands Project were treated to an informative talk and guided walk about the bats in our area.


The talk was given by Ian and Jessica Rabjohns of Monmouthshire Bat Group. “As well as the talk Mr. Rabjohns showed us some dead bats that he has preserved. I learnt a lot about how bats interact with each other and how long their life span is” (Rosie Worrall). Dan Moore said, “The bat night was excellent because you could hear the bats sending their echo waves over the special radios. The bat people were experts and answered all of our questions”.



The ‘special radios’ are known as bat detectors. It is difficult to hear bats with the naked ear because the frequencies at which they emit their squeaks and whistles are too high. The bat detectors can be tuned to pick up these sounds making it easier to track the bats when the light begins to fade! Each species of bat echo locate at a different frequency and it is therefore possible to identify the bat being tracked.


After the talk it was time to go and see if we could find some bats! We walked along the lane behind the Mackenzie Hall using the bat detectors as our guide. “We heard lots of interesting sounds on the bat machine and really got to understand what they’re like. Sometimes the noises were quite loud, that meant they were close, the quieter it was the further away they were. Sometimes we even got the chance to glimpse one or two of them” (Xena White).


The bat detectors picked up two species of bat, the Common Pipistrelle and the Soprano Pipistrelle, the most common and smallest species in the British Isles. “We found lots of bats and could see them flying above our heads. As well as seeing and hearing bats we also saw glow worms near the end of our walk” (Rosie Worrall).


The evening was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by the children from Youth Club. “Over all it was a really enjoyable experience and if there was an opportunity to go on one again I would definitely say ‘Yes’!” (Xena White).




Village Playing Field Party




A HUGE thanks to everyone who took part in the entertainment or helped on the Youth Club stall.


We raised £20 and more importantly we had a brilliant day.


Youth Club goes wild!

George Peterkin visited Youth Club recently (senior group) and invited us to join the Parish Grasslands Group on a project involving local wildlife.



All the YC members present were excited by the prospect of taking part in this project. We may be looking at bats, badger watching, moth monitoring, etc. All these activities involve going out at night with torches!


The Playing Field Workshops were Brilliant!



Many thanks to Sarah and all those who turned up to help.



Orienteering was a great success. 12 took part and the girls got lost!!!


The work on the new playground begins

The exciting plans for the new play area on the shop field are finally being put into practice. Touchwood, who work with young people to create play spaces, began work on Monday 23rd and stayed for three days.



Litter Picking and Treasure Hunt + Barbeque

On Thursday 19th August 2010 Youth Club and family members took part in a mammoth litter pick around the village. There was also a treasure hunt to complete as they went round with their litter picking sticks and a BBQ at Sherwood afterwards with prizes for the most litter and the best treasure hunt answers. Thanks to all who took part - many bags of rubbish were collected and the village is now a lot tidier.

For more photos visit the Photo Album page



Carol Singing round the tree

See the Latest News section for details. Photos here.




The Over 60's Dinner

Well done to all who helped at the Over 60s dinner. There were 18 brilliant volunteers for the waiting and the entertainment. YOU WERE FANTASTIC!!


For photos of the day go to the
Photo Album


Christmas Fayre


...to all of you who helped make gifts for the Christmas Fayre on Sunday 22nd November

And a special thank you to those of you who came and manned the stalls on the day.

We sold just about everything and made nearly £30 for Youth Club funds




Swimming at Cardiff

Nine youth club members had a very enjoyable swim at the amazing Cardiff International Pool on Friday 20th November.




Junior School and Secondary School years


Every Wednesday of the month 6.30 - 7.45 pm


Admission £1.50


There will be no Youth Club during Monmouthshire school holidays.




The following committee was elected at the 2018 AGM


Barbara French (Secretary and Youth Leader)

Becky Rush (Youth Leader)

Paula Simpson (Youth Leader)

Rachel Stephens (Youth Leader)

Guy Worrall (Treasurer)

Rachel Davies (Chair)

Nikki Creswick (Parent Rep)



If you would like to join the committee, please ring Barbara 01291 689327




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